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ITESMedia is proud to announce a new partnership agreement with Olympe , a company specialized in the improvement of quality of life at work. Throughout the years, that company has stood out in the field of prevention for occupational health and safety through its communication tools and its custom made content for businesses. It counts several large Quebec companies as its clients.

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affichage numérique multizone Olympe

This partnership will allow both businesses to offer their clients specialized content on occupational health and safety through a digital display network that will be visible at all hours of the day. Thus, with a good content strategy, your communications reach employees wherever they are located in the business.


"It is excellent news for our clients" mentions Richard Fortin, CEO of ITESMedia, "since it will improve the quality of broadcast content and therefore minimize work injuries, reduce SST costs, and improve employee motivation."

13 years of experience have allowed ITESMEDIA to develop a unique offer in the corporate field. Its content management software will let companies communicate effectively with their audience, regardless of geographical location or worker schedule. Moreover, this new partnership agreement with Olympe will grant ITESMEDIA's clients access to very high quality specialized content.

In summary, here are the advantages that this new partnership brings to clients:

  • Improved message quality;
  • Reduced work injuries;
  • Reduced SST costs;
  • Improved employee productivity;
  • Modifying messages quickly and easily.

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