Dynamic and interactive digital signage software for hotels and conference centres

Dynamic and interactive digital signage software for hotels and conference centres modernize your space and help you share relevant information with your guests.
  • Inform your visitors
  • Showcase hotel services
  • Help your guests find their way easily
  • Facilitate management of your rooms
  • Help visitors discover the region
  • Share information with travelers

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Many different types of information to share

Inform your visitors

Inform your visitors

Leverage this opportunity to share relevant information with your guests, such as messages about:

  • Parking
  • Baggage checking
  • Restaurant menus
  • Current special offers
  • Points of interest in the region
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Showcase hotel services

Showcase hotel services

Share information about different services provided by the hotel, for example:

  • Rates (massages and spa)
  • Opening hours (pool or fitness room)
  • Restaurant menus
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Improve room management

Improve room management

Using the ITESLIVE room management module, screens set up near conference rooms can automatically display events and available rooms. These features can be managed directly from an Office calendar, from the ITESLIVE calendar, or one of the tools you’re already using. These displays can show different types of information, such as:

  • Name of the event
  • Duration of the event
  • Status of the room (available or in use)
  • Time
  • A QR code
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Help your guests find their way easily

Help your guests find their way easily

Using the interactive Wayfinding feature, guests can easily find their way inside the hotel. You can also display points of interest in the area, and add directions and public transportation schedules to help guests visit them.

  • Interactive hotel map
  • Integration with Google My maps
  • Public transportation schedules in the area
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Interactive solution for hotels

The digital signage solution improves the customer experience and optimizes employees’ time. Guests can navigate on the interactive platform and quickly find all the information they need. Here are some types of content that can be found on touchscreens or interactive terminals:

  • Hotel floorplan
  • Ongoing events
  • Restaurants in the hotel and in the area
  • Hotel services
  • Real-time public transportation schedules
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A wide variety of integrations

ITESLIVE can be integrated with many tools you are already using, such as the Office 365 suite, Google Slides, Docs, Sheets, etc. This facilitates content creation and offers many different types of shareable content.

  • Display content connected to your data sources
  • Share social media posts
  • Transmit television programs
  • Show videos and images
  • Present tables and graphs
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We offer a turnkey solution

Our team of specialists will assist you throughout your digital signage project.

  • 1. Software
  • 2. Content strategy
  • 3. Set-up, Training and Service
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Communicate on all your screens and tools

ITESLIVE digital signage software works on any device with a screen. Whether it is a digital display monitor, an interactive screen, an interactive kiosk, a screensaver, a tablet, a media player or a video wall. You can also broadcast content in the Microsoft Teams app, any web browser, and screen savers.

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