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Nowadays, we notice that digital signage has a significant impact in several fields. Therefore we thought pertinent to write a series of articles on its many aspects. This article is the first of the series and focuses on digital signage in the field of real estate.

The real estate market is a field that has evolved tremendously in recent years, especially from a technological point of view. Most brokers are now active on social media and offer digital content such as photos and virtual tours knowing that prospective buyers and sellers spend a lot of time doing research on the Internet before contacting a broker. As a result, real estate offices experienced a significant decline in ridership. Consequently, agency owners had no choice but to modernize and enhance their promotional tools.

How to attract potential clients

Below is an example of a screen installed in the window of a broker's office located in Montreal *. This office relies on the increased traffic of the street and uses the great power of attraction of high luminosity screen to draw customers inside.

vitrine immobilière

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No effort required updating the screens

In addition to the power of attraction of the screens, an undeniable advantage of the digital display compared to the paper display, resides in the automatic updating of the screens. Technology allows you to collect all the data about your properties for sale in databases. The photos, the number of rooms, the price and the information to contact the broker can be displayed without any human intervention.

Displaying properties according to the office’s location

Another advantage of digital signage is that, depending on the location of your screen, you can view the properties of a specific neighbourhood and thus define your target. In other words, you can adapt the content of a screen according to its geographic location and the average budget of the residents of the targeted neighbourhood. In addition, you can modify the data presented on your screen at any time and promote properties that have changed selling prices or that have been sold.

Take a look at a live screen by clicking here.

Finally, digital signage is a form of advertising that offers infinite possibilities for your agency. The number of potential customers grows considerably given that a screen installed in your office window is far-reaching. Use this screen strategically by adapting its content according to its location (target neighbourhood and clientele). The quick and easy updating also allows you to renew its content to continually attract the attention of passers-by.

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