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All computer users have experienced this: whenever they need to focus on an operational emergency, a software pop-up appears, diverting their attention – a software update is available. Between installing the update (which generally takes a few minutes) or postponing it, the decision is usually based on the urgency of the moment. It would be tempting to put off the update in order to meet a deadline or satisfy a customer right away. However, this decision could lead to costly mistakes and have significant impacts on the company’s credibility, especially when sensitive data is leaked.

Cyberattacks: The #1 enemy of companies

In 2017, an important credit monitoring company was targeted by hackers, which caused the leakage of financial data of about 150 million people and companies in North America. That company had decided to delay the installation of software updates. When the cyberattack occurred, the security update that could have prevented this breach (which was available two months prior) caused irrecoverable harm to the company. The decision to postpone the update as well as its impacts soon turned into legal actions. Ultimately, delaying the update ended up costing the company over 700 million USD.

Digital signage: The impacts

The computer population supporting a digital signage network requires constant, timely updates. Digital signage is an ever-evolving, state-of-the-art field. In order to support this innovative and high-performance software, it is important to have the tools required to defend against all possible vulnerabilities. Display network security is vital: otherwise, its impacts are rapidly seen by the people watching the displayed content. For example, if a city wishes to display boil water advisories on its exterior signs, security plays a major role in letting the municipal authorities access the content and avoiding improper messages that could be detrimental to public health.


Operating system updates provide additional features, but their main benefit is the management of vulnerabilities. These updates install patches which constantly improve security inside systems and help prevent costly scenarios such as the one described in the example above. It is therefore vital for companies to have the necessary resources or service providers in order to ensure the safety of their computer population as well as of their software updates.

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