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Internal communication, especially in a time where we transition towards a hybrid workplace model, has become a major issue for many companies. There are various tools available such as digital signage that enable the transmission of information to employees. Digital signage is a great tool for workplace communications as well as for reaching employees who are working remotely.

The importance of internal communication

Internal communication is the circulation of messages to employees in a company. It is vital that employees have access the same information within an organization, as it demonstrates transparency and consolidates relationships between colleagues and teams. Internal communication in companies is also used to inform, motivate oversee news, socialize, and strengthen employees’ sense of belonging. Furthermore, it ensures the information is transmitted in a consistent manner for all departments of the organization. There are many types of relevant messages to share such as the company’s objectives for the coming year, available training, sanitary measures, progression of various projects, production statistics, welcoming a new employee, etc. Internal communication is a key element of successful companies.

From traditional to omni-channel communication

Because of COVID-19, working has followed a hybrid (work/home) model, which is an important challenge for companies who wish to communicate efficiently with their employees. As such, traditional means of communications are no longer enough. The tools must be completely changed or paired with other ones for companies to adapt to this new reality. Faced with these new changes, companies choose omni-channel communication tools, as these enable the central management of messages to be shared throughout the channels. This way, employees can access the same information, no matter the channel: digital signage monitor, Microsoft Teams, an intranet, a screensaver, an email, or a hyperlink. In short, you can communicate with your employees wherever they are.

Reaching employees working remotely

Digital signage is an efficient tool to communicate with employees at the office as well as those working from home. Digital signage helps you create, manage, and share different types of content. You will be able to easily share the right messages at the right time and to the right audience. To adapt to the new reality, digital signage can now be used in three new ways.

1st option: Microsoft Teams

Collaborative communication applications have become tremendously popular since the beginning of the pandemic because they provide a solution to easily talk with team members no matter the distance. Microsoft Teams is one of the most widely used tools by companies, which makes it an ideal choice to share important messages with employees. The ITESLIVE digital signage software can be integrated in this application to ensure all communications and interactions can be made through this platform, which is a powerful advantage. Of course, all content is created, managed, and shared in real time through the ITESLIVE software, and is accessible online from anywhere.

2nd option: Screensavers

Employees see their screensavers many times a day when they come back from the washroom, from their lunch hour, from their break, etc. This important channel is a great communication opportunity. The process is simple: when a screen is idle for a certain amount of time, the screensaver is activated and displays the information provided in the content management software. The main advantage of this software is that it allows you to change the displayed content remotely and in real time, which means you are able to share content targeted to specific users or groups. Therefore, screensavers can be used to send important messages efficiently to your employees, whether they are at the office or at home.

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3rd option: ITESLIVE Web

Digital signage was traditionally used to share content on digital displays only. Today, the ITESLIVE digital display software enables the sharing of content through hyperlinks. This way, content can be accessed from any web browser by adding these links in an intranet or sending them through email. This feature is frequently requested by companies who wish to communicate with their employees efficiently and benefit from the full potential of web browsers’ capabilities without having to install a third-party software. In short, ITESLIVE Web allows you to share content on any device easily and efficiently.

The pandemic has created important challenges for internal communications. To reach their employees wherever they are working, companies are relying on omni-channel communications. To address this need, ITESLIVE now offers messaging in three new channels: in Microsoft Teams, through screensavers, and through hyperlinks.

Has your business adapted its communication channels for the new hybrid work environment?

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