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Even in the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturing companies, whether they have one or many factories, are still operating. Day after day, employees go to work to ensure that we still have access to everyday products. These workers did not have to adjust to the changes of working remotely; however, their work environment had to be adapted. In this context, digital signage can support the health of factory workers during COVID.

A communication tool adapted to factories

Placed strategically, displays are a communication channel particularly well suited to factory environments. This tool can rapidly be updated and can easily reach employees.

Reaching employees where they are

Factory workers usually don’t have access to a computer or a laptop – which means they can’t use communication channels generally used in companies such as emails or instant messaging. Most of these employees don’t even have a corporate email address. Digital signage, however, can reach employees in the factory or the warehouse, and have a considerable impact.

Updating content remotely, quickly and safely

With digital signage, information can be updated remotely through a content management interface. New messages can then be sent promptly, and without having to go in different areas inside the factory. This means that updates can be implemented faster and, in this time of COVID, more safely. Furthermore, this flexibility supports a regular rotation of content that encourages different format and visual types. This feature is an important asset that can keep your employees interested and engaged.

Four types of messages to improve your employees’ health and well-being

Information on risks and dangers related to COVID

As with the usual occupational health and safety messages, it is useful to inform employees of the consequences of COVID for their health as well as for the health of their relatives and their colleagues. For example, these messages can be presented in a “Did you know?” format.

Reminders on best health and safety practices

We all know the basic health measures like washing hands often and keeping a 2-metre distance, but it is always useful to help keep them in mind. Also, if your employees must follow particular sanitary measures due to the nature of their duties, it is important to send them reminders. Finally, we can sometimes have a short memory: repeating the above-mentioned information with different formats and visuals is always a good idea.

Sharing preventive measures implemented by the company

Maintain the safety of the work environment by keeping your employees informed on safe working environment measures and on employee psychological support services offered.

Displaying light and positive messages

Share more informal content and display lighter, more positive communications. They can be presented in different formats, such as inspiring quotes, jokes or successful projects.

In conclusion, dynamic displays are particularly well adapted communication tools in factory environments and, in the current COVID context, communications are more important than ever to ensure the safety and well-being of employees.

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