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In 2017, the City of Montreal has decided to move to dynamic staking to support its smart mobility efforts. In 2019 the second phase of the project took place. It is now close to 400 displays, powered by the ITESLIVE software, which are installed in the metropolis in various sectors, such as:
  • Le Quartier des spectacles
  • Le Quartier international
  • Le Vieux-Montréal
  • Le Quartier chinois
  • La Cité multimédia
In the end, we do not know how many more dynamic monitors will be added, but we can certainly expect an increase.

Dynamic staking

The dynamic staking of parking allows users to know in real time the number of places available and get directions to easily get to the desired parking. These screens also display important information, for example: road work areas, slowdowns, closed streets and tourist information during festivals. For Montréal, this is an important step towards smart and sustainable mobility -Aref Salem Transport Manager on the Executive Committee of the City of Montreal   Here is a video taken on the YouTube channel of the City of Montreal which explains what the project is.

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