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Podcasts on the topic of real estate are abundant. They cover everything from market trends to technology and everything in between. They’re a great way for you to freshen up on your skills and learn from the experts in the industry. Which podcasts should you dedicate time to?

Here’s a quick list of 5 podcasts you should listen to, to help bring your real estate game to the next level:

1. Real Estate Is Your Business

Thomas Kutzman, real estate technology entrepreneur, and Scott Pollack, business development expert, speak with innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in real estate on topics like new industry technology, business innovation, and more.

2. Moxiworks

Moxiworks’ monthly podcast is another good one that talks industry news, technology and trends with real estate thought leaders and experts. It’s a good podcast to listen to if you want to get nice mix of information and perspective on the real estate industry in North America.

3. RE/MAX Western Canada Hustle

The RE/MAX Hustle Podcast is hosted by Wade Patterson, Franchise Coordinator with RE/MAX Western Canada. It’s a Canadian show that leverages the knowledge and expertise of the RE/MAX network to provide value to its listeners. Though presented by RE/MAX it features great real estate influencers and their ideas for success in real estate sales, brokerage growth, teams, technology and more. Useful info to anyone in the real estate space.

4. Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk is an investor and self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. He has a library of podcasts in The GaryVee Audio Experience, including episodes on real estate, how to crush it at sales, communication, and employee engagement, just to name a few. His messages can be applied to any industry, any business, any company. He shares thought provoking insight, in an easy to digest way, on how to better connect with people. Real estate is a people business… listen to Gary Vee.

5. The Brian Buffini Show

Brian Buffini – Real Estate expert, founder of Buffini & Company, and podcast host – “explores the mindset, motivation, and methodologies of success”. This is a must listen for real estate professionals.

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