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Do you communicate with your patients and entertain them in the waiting room? Digital signage is a great way to communicate with patients. It also makes waiting times seem shorter for them and improves the customer experience. Here are some types of relevant content to display in waiting rooms.

1. Display promotions

Display promotions on your products, for example, a special on toothbrushes at $79.99. This way, you can increase your sales and improve visibility and access for your products. Also, promotions displayed on your screens can start conversations with your patients based on their questions. Your patients won’t miss the monthly sale: they will be able to see it thanks to the digital display software. Promotions

2. Offer advice and share educational content

Instead of printing your advice in brochures, use your dynamic signage to display them in your waiting room for your patients. This solution is much more eco-friendly, and helps keeps the area clean: no paper sheets are lying on the floor or on chairs. The economical aspect is worth considering too: saving on printing costs is always a good idea. Adding educational messages such as advice on proper dental care makes your messages more eye-catching and engaging for your customers.

3. Introduce your staff members

Introducing your healthcare employees has its advantages. For some people, it is reassuring to know the doctor they are about to meet. Displayed content helps making the staff in a health clinic more approachable, and being able to see their certifications and specializations makes patients less anxious. A good example of presenting a healthcare professional can be seen below.
staff members

4. Display your various services

Show your services and prices to clients. The content presented on your screen will help your customers discover the treatments and services you can offer. It is a great way to promote them – and to improve sales, since informed customers are more inclined to make purchases. Services and prices must be showcased to make the clients engage in a purchasing process.
various services

5. Share answers to frequently asked questions

Are your patients asking the same question in the same day? In that case, why not show the answer on the screens so that everyone knows it? Questions and their answers can be directly populated in the digital signage software as soon as you decide they are asked too frequently. The information will appear in real time on the displays. Furthermore, the automated digital display software frees up employees’ time, and they will be able to allocate it to other duties. Shared knowledge can be added to the data bank without creating duplicates and makes resources available.
frequently asked questions
This list covers the most popular content types displayed in waiting rooms. Sharing content benefits everybody – both employees and patients. Many types of content and subjects can be leveraged. Which types of content are you currently sharing with your patients in the waiting room?
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